We developed and introduced more than 20 complexes of reception, processing, registration and display of the telemetering information, as well as special stand equipment, such as:
  1. Telecommunication equipment.
  2. Special stand equipment:
  3. Remote measuring item (RMI);
  4. Station for registration and processing of the telemetric information KIT.


Together with firms US Electrodynamics Inc., Telenor, Yuzhnoye Design Office, Infocom SC was built and entered in operation the corporate network within the framework of "Sea Launch" project. This network ensuring communication between Ukrainian and foreign participants of the project.

Remote measuring item (RMI)

Remote measuring item

Together with Yuzhnoye Design Office the mobile remote measuring item (RMI) for a reception of the telemetering information in various points of Earth was created.

Station for registration and processing of the telemetric information (KIT)

KIT-station is intended for registration and processing of the telemetric information which transmitted by such instruments as "Sirius", "Skut", "Topaz".

The station is manufactured in various updating:

KIT-M - small-size mobile complex working on distance from object up to 10 km or connected to stationary high efficiency antenna or radio receiving systems for increase the reception range;
KIT-P - This complex is installed on automobile trailers or in containers and permits to conduct multichannel reception. The complex is equipped by means of binding to a world time and exact binding to a district. On customer demands this complex can be equipped with an independent energy supply system and system of information transfer to any place you like from any point of the world;
KIT-C - This complex, having all the opportunities of the previous variants, is equipped with the channel of management of object with issue of managing effects and control of their passing.

Technical Characteristics

The station provides a reception, registration and transfer of the accepted information, rewriting of the telemetric information from tape units, storage of the information on rigid magnetic disks, optical-magnetic disks or compact disks.

On customer demands the instruments can be completed by software for operative processing or analysis of the accepted information.

Our station provides a reception in a range from 130 up to 2450 MHz and can be completed by small-sized receivers with sensitivity 10-100 mcW, as well as by receivers in 19'' performance with sensitivity not worse than 1mcW.

For work place of mobile station variant choice the receivers provide work in panoramic regime.

For accepted information transfer maintenance to a place of stationary telemetric information processing stations basing our production is completed by 3 variants of transfer instruments: 9.6 Kb/s + telephone channel, 350 Kb/s + telephone channel (lowest cost), 2 Mb/s + telephone channel.

Continuos record of the accepted information is provided unlimited time, if it is necessary.

Simultaneously with telemetric information registration it is possible to view the registered information on a display in one of three formats: oscillographic, chart of digital.

For organisation of special check regimes it is possible to display on a screen 45 functional and 18 signal telemetering information channels from various 2-nd and 3-rd switching degrees with probable parameters control.

If it is necessary to provide the objects of the control management the station may be equipped with control blocks with the opportunity to issue up to 256 commands of management. The channel of management may be as wiring as radio frequency.

Our station software permits the customers to use their own programs for special processing regimes organisation.

The station can be adapted for work with other telemetering systems, such as “Tral”, “RTS-9”, “Orbita”, “Pirit”.